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The September 5th deadline to opt-out of the PowerShift Class Action has passed, BUT YOU STILL HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO A LEMON LAW CASE AND FREE ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION EVEN IF YOU DID NOT OPT-OUT!

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If you own a 2011 to 2016 Ford Fiesta and have had 1 or more clutch replacements in the automatic transmission under factory warranty at the ford dealer, but don't want to get shortchanged by the limited options offered in the Class Settlement, we can help! Of the list of potential remedies afforded by the Class Action settlement, one- just one - should be the Fiesta of your attention - "Arbitration". This option allows attorney representation for you at Arbitration? which is exactly what you want - and exactly what WE want to do for YOU. Under the terms of the Class Action, we can represent clients at NO CHARGE in Arbitration. Attorney's fees are awarded separately, and don't affect your lemon law refund.

Arbitration is funded by the automobile manufacturers. You've probably heard the expression "a stacked deck against you". You do NOT want to go to Arbitration alone! Arbitration is where our law firm can pursue Ford for your full legal entitlement under the law. What WE can do for YOU is pursue Ford at Arbitration under both State and Federal Lemon Laws, as well as Express and Implied Warranties. Attorney representation (which is free to you) is a "must-have" at Arbitration.

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The Ford PowerShift transmission in your car is nothing more than a manual clutch transmission, minus the clutch pedal and shifter. It shifts the transmission via clutch engagement/disengagement by electric motors. The oil seals leak and contaminate the dual-clutch. This causes the dreaded shaking, shuddering, slipping, jerking and delayed acceleration. If that were not bad enough, the transmission computer (more commonly known as a TCM, or "transmission control module"), internally fails. There have been updated oil seals that don't work - they fail too. We have seen multiple TCM failures and replacements. Quite simply put - this is a highly defective transmission.

Ford attempted to "band-aid" the transmission situation by extending the warranty on the clutch and seals to 100,000 miles on 2011 - 2013 Fiesta's. Some 2013's and later got the warranty extension as well. The TCM warranty in many cases was extended to 150,000 miles!

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